Real Estate Transaction Coordination Fees

What we can do for you!

Our transaction coordinators, paired with our custom proprietary transaction management software help us to protect you, your time, and your clients.

Let us assist you in each of your transactions so you have more time to do what you do best.

Buyer Side

$349.00 per transaction
  • Introduce our role in the transaction to all the parties involved.
  • Review every document
  • Introduce executed contract to the relevant parties
  • Create a Transaction Timeline and Information Sheet using our online management system.
  • Deliver the Buyer’s Disclosure Package to you and/or your client through email.
  • Ensure your buyer receives copies of all required reports.
  • Make sure escrow has a Home Warranty invoice and instructions for commission.
  • Track deadlines and ensure delivery, return and receipt of deposits and packages.
  • Coordinate inspection and it’s timeline
  • Keep constant contact with each party and also provide current status.
  • Complete and deliver a full digital paper trail (PDF) to you and/or your broker.
  • And many more tasks that ensure smooth closing.

Listing Side

$349.00 per transaction
  • Introduce our role in the transaction to all the parties involved.
  • Review every document
  • Introduce executed contract to the relevant parties
  • Open escrow, obtain file number and request the Escrow Instructions, Commission Instructions and Preliminaries.
  • Thoroughly review the Purchase Agreement, Counter Offers, and Amendments to ensure that each document is fully executed with proper dates, initials, signatures and broker information.
  • Full Disclosure Package delivered via email to you and/or the seller.
  • Send all necessary documents to escrow.
  • Track escrow time frames for receipt, delivery and return of all documents and deposits.
  • Maintain constant contact with every party for status updates or to alert you of anything outstanding or requiring attention.
  • And many more tasks that ensure smooth closing.

Double End

$499.00 per transaction
  • We handle your transaction from start to finish with all the same services included with the Buyer Side and Listing Side.

For Sale By Owner

$499.00 per transaction

We will professionally manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in the transaction & will carefully be monitoring the progress from the time the seller accepts an offer through the Closing.

How we handle everything in details when we are handed over the contract.


To your client, co-op’s agent, lender and title company explaining that we are your assistant and that we are going to be the contact for making sure that the deadlines are met according to the contract. All of the negotiations and paperwork will still be between them and you – but the administration side is where we fit in.


We will contact listing and selling agents, seller and/or buyer with the inspection time and date, Inspection company recommendations, we will remind you of the inspection objection and resolution deadlines of the contract


We make sure title work is received by the deadline and forward it to parties for review ; advise of pertinent title deadlines as well as off matters deadlines in the contract; coordinate the sending of any objections you prepare regarding the title portion of the contract.


We contact the buyer’s lender for appraisal status and coordinate it with involved parties. Once the inspection resolution deadline is completed and agreed upon by both buyer and seller – or when the appraisal date in the contract is called for; we will advise or coordinate with you the appraisal time and date as well as who the appraiser is for your schedule, follow up on appraisal review status once completed and advise of any communications.

Loan Commitment

We will check with the buyer’s lender to make sure that they are on track to meet loan commitment by the day stated in the contract – if they are not able we will inform you as to what they communicate to us.


We will contact both you and your seller or you and your buyer to inquire as to whether there are any time restrictions for closing and communicate them as we coordinate the closing time and location. We will work with you to schedule final walk through with selling or listing agent. We will communicate with the title company and lender to confirm on track for closing , clear to close has been given and CD has been provided to buyers within the necessary time frames. Once numbers arrive from the title company – we will communicate them to you if they are provided to us otherwise, we will prepare your file both personal and office according to the office requirement checklist and advise you of any items or signatures still needed.


Confirm closing took place, obtain copy of final closing statement for the file and finalize the file.
Send congratulatory email to your client and thank you email to all involved parties in the transaction.