Our Transaction Coordinators Team takes pride in handling every detail on your behalf to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved. We offer high quality contract to close services that give you back so much more free time to drive better business results with your clients.

About Us

Contracts to Closing

Contracts to Closing is a full-service, Real Estate Transaction Coordination company with a team of dedicated Transaction Coordinators committed  to provide you with the best service and highest client satisfaction.  Our transaction coordinators have extensive knowledge and education in the real estate industry and also the required experience to close your transaction successfully.

A real estate transaction is full of complex paperwork that varies by city and is impacted by local, state and federal laws. That’s why home sellers often decide to use an agent to manage their sale – but doing so is outrageously expensive. In fact, the average listing agent commission is 3% of the total sale price of your home. That can mean thousands of dollars in fees for the average home seller.

Whether you are full time, part time, sometime agent or an investor, your time is valuable. In an ever changing real estate market, leveraging your time effectively is not something you should do, but what you must do if you want to succeed.

We are ready to handle your transaction coordinator needs; saving you time and money couldn’t be easier. Let us chase the paper so you can focus on your clients, while you go out and sell!

Best Service

100% client satisfaction guaranteed is our commitment ! Striving for excellence is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


We handle your transaction from Contract to Closing. Should your transaction fail to close for any reason, you pay us $0 fee. We only get paid when you do! If there is no Closing- no fees owed to us, period!

Paperless Transactions

We use Email & Esign for all documents ( except the docs that require wet signatures ). Easy & Secure Cloud Storage where docs can be accessed even post closing when needed.

Our Skills

Time sensitivity

We know everything that a real estate coordinator does is time sensitive and our team is skilled with punctuality. We work great even under tight deadlines.


Being able to communicate effectively is the most important interpersonal skill. It is the necessary key to efficient work for a transaction coordinator.

Attention to details

Under the process, we assure to miss no details and provide upmost quality. Personalized attention is paid throughout the entire contract and selling process.